Wyatt Castellvi, CEO

Wyatt Rhyno GlassWyatt Castellvi, CEO

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Wyatt was the son of an International Business Executive. At the age of 14 Wyatt came to the US with his sights set on becoming an entrepreneur. At 17 he joined Fox Glass in Long Island, NY, as a glazing apprentice and never looked back.

Wyatt soon made a name for himself at Fox, those who worked with him at Fox knew it wouldn’t be long before he ventured out to start his own business. So passionate about the glass industry, there is little or nothing Wyatt cannot do. In fact today clients rely on Wyatt for not only his contracting services, they look to him as a consulting resource as well. In 2007, knowing he needed a little more knowledge, experience and polishing Wyatt relocated to Florida to specifically join one of the largest Glazing Contractors in the world, Harmon Glass. First as a journeyman, then as a project manager and a foreman, His positive impact on his colleagues and company as a whole is well documented.

In 2010 the inevitable occurred, the birth of Rhyno Glass. the name had significance and chosen with great care and consideration since a Rhyno is slow and plotting however once he gets going not much can stop him, the culture Wyatt earmarked for his organization
Today Rhyno Glass lives up to its name, as a result of securing high profile commercial opportunities such as Top Golf , Caravana, St Pete Police Station Steinbrenner field just to name a few Rhyno has gone from  a small company with sales of roughly $65,000 when it opened it’s doors in 2010 to one of the fastest growing small companies in Tampa Bay Area with Sales topping 14 million in 2017.

The plan for Rhyno Glass is clear Wyatt explains,“We will be relentless in our pursuit to offer superior cost effective Glass and Glazing Solutions others are unwilling and unable to deliver, it’s that simple.”